WestJet Presents TV On The Tarmac
Open Jaw

Just in time for the final rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs, WestJet passengers can now watch live television from the moment they board until they arrive at the gate of their destination.

The airline has announced the introduction of ‘Here to There’ in-flight entertainment, which gives guests the opportunity to enjoy live seatback television both on the ground and in the air.

“This is an exciting addition to our in-flight service,” said Bob Cummings, WestJet’s Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales. “We have been diligently working with Transport Canada to allow for this service on board our aircraft and we thank them for their efforts.”

The in-flight entertainment system was previously only available once the aircraft was in the air. Now the only interruption will be during the safety demonstration.

“Feedback from guests showed that they are sometimes frustrated when the TVs need to be shut down in the middle of a great show or a crucial sports event,” said Cummings. “Now they can continue to watch all the way through their flight.”

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