Passport Now Required For Canadians Travelling to Bermuda
Open Jaw

Effective May 1, 2010, Bermuda’s Department of Immigration is requiring Canadian citizens to present a passport when entering Bermuda. Historically, Canadians were the only nationals permitted to enter Bermuda by presenting a long-form birth certificate with valid photo identification as proof of their citizenship in lieu of a valid passport. However, in order to standardize the process, the Bermuda Department of Immigration is requiring all Canadian air travellers to present a valid passport.

“Canada is an ever-important tourism market for Bermuda, and we don’t anticipate this change to cause a noticeable impact on Canadians traveling to the destination,” said William Griffith, Director of Tourism for Bermuda. “Reports indicate nearly 100 percent of all Canadians that visited Bermuda over the past year have entered using a valid passport.”

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