Stranded Club Med Guests Stayed For Free During Ash Crisis
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While many travellers in Europe faced significant out-of-pocket expenses while trying to get home during the recent ash crisis, the vast majority of Club Med guests weren’t among them.

Crisis management measures set up by Club Med enabled clients to prolong their stay for free until a solution for their return was found. With the reopening of Europe’s air space, these clients were quickly able to benefit from priority repatriation without extra expense.

As of April 23, 95% of the clients of Club Med Europe present during the volcanic eruption had returned home without additional expense thanks to the company’s “All-Inclusive” offer. As well, Club Med guests due to arrive at European villages between April 15 and 22 were allowed to postpone their holiday without extra charge until October 31.

“This is a demonstration that, in a period of crisis and uncertainty, the “All-inclusive by Club Med” remains an incomparable package that guarantees peace of mind and security. The accounts sent to us by many of our clients concerned by this situation have fully illustrated this,” says Carolyne Doyon, Vice-president, Club Med Sales Canada.

In the hours following the closing of Europe’s airports, Club Med formed an emergency committee of 15 people representing different departments of the company. The group worked on a wide variety of options, from chartering airplanes to using coaches to allowing guests to stay free until a transport solution was found.

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