SeaWorld Slashes Kids Admission Price To $5
Open Jaw

Travel writer Arthur Frommer is calling it “the most dramatic price reduction in the history of theme parks” as SeaWorld Parks in Orlando, San Antonio and San Diego have slashed admission prices to $5 for children aged 3 to 9 through the end of the year.

Frommer suggests that attendance at Orlando’s SeaWorld is still being adversely affected by the tragic recent death of a trainer by a killer whale. He sees the ‘dramatic marketing offer’ as a way of bringing back the popular theme park’s normal audience.

Starting now and until the end of the year, children 3 to 9 will pay only $5 to enter SeaWorld when accompanied by an adult paying the normal admission charge of $78.95. The normal child’s price for entry to SeaWorld Orlando is $68.95. One more piece of good news: all proceeds from childrens’$5 tickets will go to a wildlife conservation project.

To take advantage of the offer, bookings must be made online at


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