WestJet Introduces Clapper Technology On Board Its Fleet
Open Jaw

WestJet today announced the introduction of Clapper technology on board its aircraft. This new feature will allow guests to operate controls at their seat, like lights and live seatback television, simply by clapping their hands.

Made popular on television in the mid-1980s, Clapper technology is making an in-flight comeback thanks to the addition of a newly patented transmitter. Guests wearing the transmitting device while seated can clap once to activate the reading light in the console above their head, clap twice to change the channel on their live seatback television, or clap three times to illuminate the flight attendant call button. Transmitters are available to purchase online for $19.95, and the devices come in a variety of colours.

"We’re excited to offer this additional convenience to our guests," said Richard Bartrem, Vice President of Communications and Community Relations at WestJet. "The transmitting device is easy to wear and provides all the functionality required to make a hands-free on-board experience."

"Moreover, the transmitter is available in a variety of colours that will appeal to the fashion-conscious traveller who wants the convenience of our technology and to look good at the same time," concluded Richard Bartrem.

To order the WestJet Clapper transmitter, visit www.westjet.com/clapper.

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