This Just In… Skyservice Shutting Down…
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Open Jaw – 1645 hrs EDT

Skyservice Forced Into Receivership

Skyservice has been petitioned into receivership – the issue wasbefore the courts this morning in Toronto. 

The Financial Post has reported confirmed details of the bankruptcy filing and that the carrier owes Thomas Cook Canada and Sunquest Vacations approx. $9 million.

Measures have been taken to protect passengers… click here for the notice from Sunquest

Open Jaw talked with Andrew Dawson, President Tour Operations, Sunwing Travel Group, who indicated that although the Skyservice failure came as a surprise, the Signature Vacations team has made every effort to minimize disruptions for travellers. ‘Sunquest had the advantage of planning for this event; we have had to shuffle a number of Sunwing Airlines flights. We are also taking advantage of WestJet’s offer of assistance’, said Dawson. ‘However, he added, ‘by April 27th, all Signature flights will be on Sunwing Airlines.’

We are awaiting announcements on alternative arrangements for Transat passengers. 

Click here for closure announcement from Skyservice.

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