Business Travel Optimism Trumps Airport Security Concerns
Open Jaw

According to the results of a survey conducted by the Association of Corporate Travel Executivews (ACTE), the Canadian business travel industry is set to experience a stable year in 2010. Sixty-three percent of the respondents (44 companies representing an aggregate $400 million in annual travel expenditures) indicated they expected to spend either the same or more on business travel in 2010.

The federal government’s announcement that full-body scanners will be introduced at major Canadian airports is not likely to dampen optimism in the business travel industry. A recent poll, conducted by Angus Reid, suggests that the majority of Canadians support the airport use of full-body, three-dimensional scanners to detect hidden weapons or explosives. Political wrangling and new rules for travellers will not likely deter planned business travel or reduce the need to meet face to face. 

The results from the third annual Canadian Business Travel Outlook survey conducted in collaboration with the Conference Board of Canada represent an improvement over the dramatic business travel reductions implemented last year.  'While more than a third of travel managers are looking to make substantial reductions in travel spending for 2010,'

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