Uniglobe Optimistic About Market Growth In 2010
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Speaking at Uniglobe’s recent Chairmans’ Circle annual retreat for top-performing member agencies in Buenos Aires, U. Gary Charlwood, Chairman and Founder of Uniglobe Travel International stated that 2009 has been a growth year for the travel franchise organization.

Uniglobe TMC’s from the USA, Canada, the U.K., Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Kenya, Tanzania, India, Singapore, Jordan and Pakistan were among those invited to the 2009 meeting. Owners Zul Shaikhali and Cyrus Rustamji from Uniglobe The Premiere Travel Group based in Ottawa and Toronto and Ihab Hanna of Uniglobe  Voyages Lexus in Montreal, attended this years Chairmans' Circle event.


'Despite dire news stories that dominated much of the travel industry in 2009,'

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