ACTA & Ensemble Demand Operators Stop Hiding Commissionables
Open Jaw

The Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) is declaring that it “has heard enough and is demanding change.”

David McCaig, President and COO of ACTA stated, 'Our network of offices has noticed a dramatic increase of phone calls and emails from members, prompting our association to take action against wholesalers and tour operators who appear to have reduced or even hidden commissions.” ACTA has consulted with industry leaders and says it is concerned “about a system that has seen many of the tour operators and wholesalers reduce agents' commissionable fees by an astonishing 45% without industry consultation.”

According to McCaig, “The systematic plan to shift and hide commissionable fees under the guise of taxes and surcharges denies travel agents and owners access to their rightfully earned income.'

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