Giants & Consortia Model Founder Bill Harrison Dies At 81
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Bill Harrison, the original founder of Giants – and the consortia model – in Western Canada has passed away after a valiant struggle with several bouts of cancer over the years. He died peacefully at his home, surrounded by family, on November 6th, 2009.

Bill Harrison created his own agency, Maple Leaf Travel, and at the request of several other agencies, later became the leader of the Pacific Independent Travel Agents Co-op (P.I.T.A.C.). In January of 1985, following negotiations with Don Gould, then President and CEO of GIANTS in the U.S., Bill became the first official employee of Giants Canada. While many changes have occurred over the years, the foundation of Ensemble Travel Group remains rooted in much of what Bill Harrison created.

Ensemble Travel remembers Bill Harrison fondly, stating in their release, "He worked tirelessly on behalf of the association to increase profits for its members. A natural leader with vision, charisma and genuine heart, Bill inspired confidence and was always available to provide guidance. To many, he was a role model both personally and professionally, and perhaps more importantly a friend. Together with his wife Claire, who was also a part of Giants and always by his side, the Harrisons are often referred to as the 'nicest people'."

'Never in my life have I met such genuine and delightful people as Bill and Claire,'

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