Mexico Investing In Development of Adventure & Nature Tourism
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Mexico has recognized the increased interest in adventure tourism and is investing 500 million pesos to develop and improve this segment with a view to attracting more international travellers. The Mexican government has established 14 institutions that will develop the nature tourism sector through 2012 by helping rural and indigenous communities. Rodolfo Elizondo Torres, Minister of Tourism of Mexico, made the announcement stating that the initiative will support and promote 1,239 small companies active in ecological, adventure, and rural tourism.

Mexico feels that its vast biodiversity lends itself to a wide variety of opportunities for visitors to engage in activities related to the country’s natural wonders. Mexico boasts:

  • 29 World Heritage Sites, including 4 natural sites recognized by UNESCO;

  • The second largest coral reef system in the world;
  • 18 million acres of ecological preserves;
  • 171 protected areas, including biosphere reserves and national parks which are home to 10% of the world's species;
  • 4 different coasts with a huge diversity of marine life, fauna, and geological formations;

From its tropical rainforests and southern rivers to its deserts and coastlines, Mexico offers many opportunities for outdoor activities and encounters with nature.

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