ACTA Calls For Full Disclosure Of Taxes, Fees & Surcharges
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When published its Fees, Taxes & Surcharges Are Not Created Equal article back in September, it raised an issue that has become commonplace but was not being addressed by the industry. Why do fees, taxes and surcharges vary so greatly on comparable travel products?

ACTA is now calling on tour operators and wholesalers to fully disclose the break down on additional charges  above their base pricing stating, "The Association of Canadian Travel Agencies has been made aware of a serious practice of hiding surcharges and fees as taxes. Over the past year, as product pricing has dropped dramatically, agents have noticed that the base fare has decreased and the taxes, fees and surcharges attributed to certain destinations have increased."  

ACTA President and COO, David McCaig wants Tour Operators and Wholesalers to explain this way of doing business. 'We have been asked by our members to request clarification and to review the procedure of hiding fees and surcharges under the heading of 'Taxes'

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