Court Supports IATA In PaxIS Dispute
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IATA has won a court victory in a dispute with Travelport over PaxIS. On October 1st the Amsterdam District Court denied an application by Travelport for an injunction to block IATA's use of airline data stored in Travelport databases for PaxIS.

PaxIS is an airline business intelligence product based in part on data that it collects through its billing and settlement plans (BSP), some of which is stored in third party databases.

In late August, Travelport sought a preliminary injunction against IATA's use of BSP data in PaxIS. Travelport argued that the EC database directive gave it the right to control the use of data that it retrieves from its database and transmits to IATA's BSP settlement systems on behalf of its airline clients.

'IATA has won an important legal battle to preserve competition for airline data transaction products. The Dutch court decision vindicates the rights of airlines to earn profits from commercializing their data,'

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