An Agent-Driven Tech Revolution At Princess Cruises
Cruise Week

While some cruise lines, most notably Royal Caribbean, are revolutionizing their product by transforming cruise experiences with every new ship, the revolution taking place at Princess is tech-driven. While it is less visible, this transformation may be no less revolutionary.

“We’re becoming more data driven and more tech driven in ways agents see and in ways agents don’t see,” sums up Exec VP Dean Brown.

What agents see is Princess Academy, Princess Alliance, and other programs designed to enhance booking and marketing processes with the line. “We’ve made a tremendous amount of investment — millions of dollars and certainly thousands of hours in management time — designing things like Polar Online, which now is the lion’s share in how people really work with us,” says Princess Exec VP Jan Swartz.

Swartz says commitment to the distribution system is driving the relentless technology push. “Princess has never been about the Internet

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