Tour East Holidays Launches Website Dedicated To China Expo 2010
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Tour East Holidays is the first Canadian tour operator to launch an online site dedicated exclusively to China’s 2010 World’s Fair, to be held in Shanghai from May 1 to October 30, 2010.

The China Expo 2010 site ( offers insight into what promises to be one of the largest international event to be held in 2010. Over 70 million people are expected to visit Shanghai’s World Fair, and 3.5 million of those will travel from other countries, including Canada. There will be over 200 countries exhibiting under the theme of "Better City, Better Life."

The site has photographs of some of the pavilions.There’s also facts about Shanghai and Tour East Holidays and editorial features about Asia from sister site,

"We have already seen a great deal of interest from Canadian travellers in Shanghai’s Expo and that is why we launched this site to keep people informed about the progress surrounding the massive construction as well as any travel deals we may be offering around the Expo dates," said Annie Tsu, co-owner and Executive Vice President of Tour East Holidays.

As a special bonus, Tour East Holidays is offering free admission tickets to the Expo site to those who book.

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