ACTA Offers Clarification On Proposed TICO Changes
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The Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) wants to help clarify some of the important facts about the recently proposed changes at TICO. ACTA reminds its Ontario members and consumers that the Travel Industry Council of Ontario was conceived, created and financed by ACTA, CITC, CATO and OMCA in April 1997 and its founding members strongly believe that they have earned their place at the table and that they do not take their board seats for granted and that their organizations are instrumental in the governance of TICO.

Presently ACTA Ontario members occupy 3 of 15 seats in the make-up of the TICO board. ACTA wears two hats on the TICO board, as founding members and representatives of Ontario agencies. ACTA states that their members adhere to a code of ethics and have the knowledge and experience to voice a constructive argument in all discussions at TICO.

The fact that the Ministry has requested control of who sits at 5 of the 15 TICO board positions is well within their right. Any changes to Board composition, selection process, criteria and term of office must be reviewed and approved by the Minister. Although TICO administers the Act, the authority for the legislation and regulation remains with the Ontario government.

TICO has assured ACTA that the makeup of the other 10 seats will be reviewed with all stakeholders. ACTA states that it views any shift to solidify or enhance consumer protection as a definite positive both for the retail travel trade in the province and consumers. ACTA has voiced its commitment to the Government of Ontario and TICO regarding its future involvement as a stakeholder.

ACTA Ontario further states that it takes great pride in their members' active involvement in the welfare of our industry. Volunteer energies are put forward by members in such areas as regional councillors overseeing the direction of ACTA Ontario and the knowledge and experience they provide on the TICO board.

ACTA says that "its reputation in the industry is unsurpassed with all levels of provincial and federal governments, airlines, wholesalers and industry partners. ACTA Ontario continues to meet regularly with our travel industry partners with a provincial interest. Our process is democratic and open and we come to the table with our values and commitment".

ACTA Ontario is encouraging its members to either attend the Travel Industry Council of Ontario Annual General Meeting, Thursday, September 24th, 2009 at the Toronto Congress Centre, 650 Dixon Road, Toronto, Ontario or to submit their written requests for proxies if they are unable to attend. 

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