Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

It’s Always Something

My dear friend Roseanne Roseannadanna‘s mantra was “it’s always something!” – and we’d laugh. She was such a ninimuggins, wasn’t she dahrlings? And that hair! May it Rest In Peace.

But as I watch the news, Pumpkins, I think our dear friends in B.C. have more somethings than a body oughtta.

And it’s certainly not funny, dahrlings.

A global epidemic;
Catastrophic forest fires;
Smoke that reached my backyard half a country away;

And now flooding, mud slides, roads gone, houses gone and no milk, meds or vodka.

If Roseanne were still with us, she wouldn’t be laughing.

Please stay safe out there.

Ivanna Gabbalot


Part legend, part myth, all woman: Ivanna Gabbalot is OJ’s gossip columnist and considers herself the industry’s conscience. Equally annoying to Open Jaw management and inflated egos in C-suites everywhere, Ivanna works infrequently, preferring to snipe from the sidelines.

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