Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

It’s About Time The Feds Stopped Sniffing Their Gorgonzola
Ivanna Gabbalot

foreplay and there’s foreplay, dahrlings. Or as JME used to call it ‘avant
jouir’. In a Frenchman’s hands, it all spells orgasm.

But back to the other kind of fore. The kind that lasts so long you get a cramp
in your take-off position  – and you just want to scream “Hurry up! Reruns
of The Pit and the Pendulum are starting tonight!”

Well that’s the immoral of tonight’s bed time story, dear dahrlings.

Canada’s competition bureau, after deliberating for longer than it takes to get
delivery of a vaccine, has, thank you dear lord, reached a decision on whether
Air Canada can buy Transat. Word is, somebody had better.

as much as I dislike the colour purple (red and blue, keep up) it’s a blessing
they’ve approved it, Pumpkins.

Was there really ever another choice?

My first husband was a cranky old Dutchman (aren’t they all) who said it best:

Zo traag als dikke stront door een dunne trechter.

is there to say to that?

And now it’s on to the Europeans to approve the transaction. Hopefully they
don’t speak Dutch…

Needless to say, WestJet is in a lather about decreased competition, dragging out that old chestnut that the preyed upon canadian populace will have less choice and higher fares.

This pains Ed Sims, dahrlings. Gets him right in the bottom line.

AC will soon loom over Canada’s capacity like the Michelin man exposing his winter grip with a couple of overblown steel-belted alloy rimmed lug nuts.

But not to worry, Ed. Airlines pop up in Canada like mushrooms after a good soak. Which they inevitably do, dahrlings – get soaked.

Ed, dahrling, just get Gerry to buy WG and we’ll all be even Stephen. Didn’t Gerry start out in the car parts business? I bet Onex’ muscle could deflate Michelin man’s excitement like a badly blown party balloon.

Party? That’s what we need, Pumpkins! A wild old fashioned affair. Goodness it’s been a donkey’s age since I clinked a bubbly flute…

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