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A Female Horse Stuffed With Wax: It's The Real Thing

Frankly, Pumpkins, I’m a little shocked. I visited the freshly translated French ACTA website and keenly read the Code of Ethics. You know how I am about such things. A stickler, really. Anyhoo, my French being a little rusty since Pierre quit gardening my hortensia, I copied point number 4 into Google’s auto-translator [see result below]. Apparently our mandate is now to send Canadians on “drug trips” albeit “professional” ones. Perhaps I should apply as a tour guide.

Code Of Ethics

[original English]
4. advise clients of known health requirements/risks and refer them to a travel medicine professional when appropriate to the trip being undertaken;

[French translation on ACTA site]
4. informer les clients des exigences de santé connus ou des risques et de les renvoyer à un médicament Voyage professionnel au moment opportun pour le voyage en cours;

[above run through auto-translation]
4.inform clients of health requirements or known risk and refer them to a professional drug trip in time to the current voyage;

Translation is such a delicate art. Hitting the wrong note can have extreme results – as in the Japanese hotel room sign inviting guests to “take advantage of the chambermaid”. The Norwegian lounge requesting ladies “not to have children in the bar”. Although my favourite is the billboard launching Coca-Cola in China which was either advertising a female horse stuffed with wax or suggesting you ‘bite the wax tadpole’.

You see, my little dealers, ACTA’s French website is suffering from the same malaise. Rather than enjoying a human touch, it is being run through Google. To give one a perspective on the results of such ill-advised auto-decisions, I have taken the liberty of doing the reverse – running an article regarding the French ACTA issue from our compadres at J’ai mon voyage through the same auto-regurgitation machine. See what you make of it:

As Tourisme in its edition d’ revealed it More; yesterday, the new site of l’ ACTA is equipped with the software of translation Google Translate. The site is thus in English and its French version is entrusted to a free software which produces in a random way of the often incomprehensible texts. That should delight the amateurs by the kind, always with l’ mounting of automatic translations, a healthy and cheap entertainment, which has decorated navigation on the fabric for more than 20 years. Thus, puisqu’ it s’ d’ acts; a new Web site, let us leave the president and chief of l’ operation of l’ ACTA David McCaig, the care of us l’ to explain in French:

David Mc Caig: Why l’ Does ACTA to develop a new Web site and the repertory Travel on line? We want to bring our organization jusqu’ to date, the members offer moreover, and to give to the consumers a better pace with our members. Behind these simple answers, it ya much of planning, work and confidence in our members. Behind the Web site all new system of treatment and l’ is a database; adhesion. No demand for paper more (except if you owe l’ absolutely; love of paper). Ask d’ adhesion or of charts d’ identity ACTA on line if you are a detail or a company allied member or an employee d’ an agency member or another company. Non-members can buy charts d’ identity on line thus while filling and by sending an electronic form. Notifications such as l’ membership or of the chart of approvals and the renewals in progress will be sent to your automatic e-mail. Your coordinates will be stored and are accessible by our new processes without paper, thus, to make the life much easier for the personnel of l’ ACTA.

Say no more.


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