Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

I'm Fatigued

Seems everyone’s got the fatigue, Pumpkins. From the looks of things at the office, fashion fatigue is rampant. (Although I don’t think the dinkettes’ light brush with fashion concerns was ever enough to claim overload. Poor lugs really don’t have a clue.) My neighbour says ‘donor fatigue’ has set in. I keep telling him the sperm bank can probably manage without him. As for me, I’ve got fatigues fatigue. Nobody looks good in camouflage, dahrlings. Nobody. Trust me.

So what’s all this talk of ‘pilot fatigue’ setting in? And why do Transat pilots want to strike about it? Sounds like a crock to me. I’ve never heard anyone complain about being sick of pilots. Personally, I like having them on the planes. They fly them and land them and look fetching in their caps. It’s the passengers I could do without.

Although I admit to having used various forms of fatigue as a negotiating tactic myself, I’ve always felt that ‘cockpit fatigue’ crossed a line. A ‘headache’ can achieve just as much without putting you into that category of girl, dahrlings.

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