Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Later Slater And Other Weirdo Heroes

Overnight, Steven Slater is the service sector’s Captain Fantastic. Waitresses, sales clerks and travel agents are hailing the feisty flight attendant for doing what none of us have the gumption to. (And, from what I’ve seen, some of you have pretty significant gumptions.)

 Not only did he totally slate that passenger, he escaped the scene in a Bondian flourish, grabbing beers on the way.

It’s intoxicating. One mental edit replaces cans of beer with a bottle of Crystal – and voila, I have a flawless fantasy which is providing hours of gratification. For a moment I am transported – I feel myself snatching the loudspeaker from his hand. I reach for my basest self and freak out at all those needy ingrates and their big feet. The screeching only lasts a few minutes — it really works up a thirst. Do try this at home, it is liberating. And you don’t run the risk of being arrested.

Speaking of no longer having a job, did Derek Mols decide to spend more time with his family? Tracy Sheppard definitely needed to get out. I’ve never even stayed with a man for twenty six years! Yeeesh. Oh, and Palma may have been placed. (Like that would be tough.) Trafalgar’s Michelle Jones is gone, but former Globus guy Maurizio Mazzola has joined the T team. That would mean Trafalgar needs a marketing manager and Globus needs an account rep. Apply below. Include an 8 x 10 glossy outlining best attributes.

I also find myself somewhat perplexed on this fine summer morning about whether or not WestJet does seat sales. Back in June, there was all this talk of reducing their motility, sorry, volatility, by permanently slashing fares by 25% – in order not to have all that seat sale up and downness. Today they launched a seat sale with this explanation: “WestJet today announced a fall and winter seat sale while clarifying its position on seat sales.” Hmmm. I’m sensing a great deal of motility here.

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