Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Take Them To The Gulag!

You know me, dahrlings, I give and I give and I give. But I’m only willing to take it on the chin so often, Pumpkins. Every time this little organization (and I use the term very loosely – it’s more like a Lota Psi Kos sorority over here), as I was saying, every time an article is posted on TakeOffeh.com extolling the extraordinary talents of travel professionals – boom! Consumers write in with horror stories of incompetent agents.

Now, I know from experience that everyone reading this is of a higher caliber of cognitive functioning, however, you apparently have bungling colleagues. As my dear old Aunt Kika used to say, it only takes one doofus to spoil the whole broth. There is no room for amateurs on this ride, Pumpkins. It reflects very badly on me.

The fate of our entire distribution channel rests on each and every single one of us servicing each client professionally. If you know a nit-wit, call them out and report them. I’ll take it from there. You don’t need to know what happens.


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