Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Cruising For A Bruising No More

There’s a new cruising regulation, dahrlings. Sex on ships now has to be consensual. I have to say, I find that rather limiting. What if I’m not in a sensual mood? And who’s going to judge how sensual it has to be? Is that what the peep holes are for? Honestly.

Sometimes you just want to get on with it. Especially when the Bedroom Steward has considerable talents.

Forget about sex. What they really ought to crack down on is violence at sea — things like rape and physical assault. Which has been recognized as against the law on land for decades, I believe. It’s about time the cruise lines got up to speed, eh? Although I’m really not sure why the whole nasty business required special sea legislation. Assault is assault no matter where it happens.

What happens on a cruise ship, should not stay on a cruise ship.


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