Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Shake Rattle & Roll

Well, didn’t that just snap the elastic out of Toronto’s panty lines! One minute you’re staring at miles of wire fences and Shazam! the earth moves. Some say the quake was just pre-G20 jitters. Others are talking about 1.1 billion tax dollars hitting the ground. Apparently it caused a tsunami in the fake lake. Personally, I think it was a warning to the leaders—stop messing with me or I’ll shake you off this planet. And I’m quite sure she means it.

Since it’s Thursday – and since the coveted Open Jaw Insert Foot Award has not been awarded in eons – let’s remedy that immediately with this crumby bit from the PR gone bad zone. In a spasm of generosity, Doubletree Hotels is launching a holiday tradition to help us celebrate our ‘beloved’ Canada day. Yes, Pumpkins, on July 1st anyone can simply march into a Doubletree and help themselves to a cookie. Limit of one 2.5 ounce cookie with an average of 20 chocolate chips per person. Please note: Offer valid while supplies last. Otherwise, photographs are available.

Honourable mention must also go to a press release introducing a new website to help plan a Quebec summer road trip. “Inspired by the great European road trip counterpart; boldly plan several remarkable road trips closer to home, while experiencing a sense of moving backwards …“ A clever foreboding of another earthquake?

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