Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Beware The Invasion Of The Travel Snatchers

It’s bad enough the world is being polluted with fake Chanel and Prada bags, Rolex watches and cheap saline implants – we now have to contend with a cut-rate cottage country knock off in downtown Toronto. This ‘fake lake’ business complete with canoe and little rubber mosquitoes is not welcome news, Pumpkins.

This ‘Lac of Sense’ is just a way of testing the waters for something much fishier. Why else would you spend $2 million to build a cheap version of something that exists across the street? On the surface, it seems like an improbably stupid idea. That’s why it’s so clever.

We’re being lured into a sense of complacency that our government is a bunch of dim-witted numb-nuts. A bit loony, perhaps. Not fishing in the deepest waters. Am I right? But I can see what’s coming down the river. Next they’ll be making Mexican villages, cardboard New York skylines, and plastic Tahitian lagoons. It’s a plot to keep Canadians in Canada and pocket their travel money. Watch for the signs. Bleary eyed Conservatives pointing at freshly painted outhouses. We’re doomed.

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