Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

We're Getting Some New Tail

And it’s about time. China’s Hainan Airlines will be gracing Pearson’s runways soon. Their gold and orange curlicue logo is refreshingly swirvacious. There’s only so much red and teal one can handle. And really, WestJet, you know I love you – but now that you’re no longer a low cost carrier, maybe you can afford something a little more avant-garde than an italic font. Even Calgary has graphic artists nowadays. Maybe a stylized beaver. I mean all the other Canadian icons are taken. (You laughed at that Porter raccoon, didn’t you? Now it’s gnawing its way down Bay Street.)

And, as you know, beavers eat maple trees for breakfast – leaves and all.  As far as consumer acceptance goes, from listening to oilmen talk at the Sand Dunes cafe, I know they really like them.

It also spreads the way to exploring a whole new colour pallet. I know the sky is blue and that really works for an airline – but let’s go crazy here for a minute. What about purple? Going too far? Ok. Yellow. Burgundy. Pink. Lime green. I know! Bronze. Flashing a bronze beaver on your tail really says “I’m in control.”

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