Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Where's The Fun Part?

Fair warning, Pumpkins, read at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for sudden attacks of nausea or alcoholism.

Cancun’s Mayor has just been arrested for being in cahoots with a violent drug cartel. Great. That’s really what we needed to hear this morning.

The U.S. has started fingerprinting tourists flying out of ATL and DTW to make sure they actually leave the country. Makes you feel all warm and wanted, doesn’t it? Apparently it will help “develop standard procedures for use at airports across the country.” Which means we will all be fingerprinted. I actually think that’s a great incentive to leave the country. So good, in fact, I likely won’t go in the first place.

Then there’s that ridiculous volcano with the unpronounceable name that keeps playing chicken with our European programs. Oh, and Greece should really just shut up.

Going on holidays has taken on the proportions of a military mission. “The beach is really great, Madam, just make sure to wear your flak jacket at all times. You’ll find the lightweight bulletproof padding surprisingly breathable. Oh, and you’ll be wanting to get ash, hurricane, flu and small country revolution insurance.”

And there’s the rub. According to Amadeus, bookings via travel agents are increasing. And travel insurance sales are doubling. No kidding. Would you actually go out there alone? Without protection? Ya, just like any lady would go bareback with the tennis pro. Not going to happen.


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