Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

How Hot Do You Want It?

There’s heat. And there’s packin’  heat. For some reason, Pumpkins, suns and guns have an affinity for one another. (Maybe the expression is “Sun of a gun”, huh? Has anyone thought of that?)

Point is, my dahrlings, people killing each other is just not good for tourism. And yet hot spots around the world seem to have an affinity for firearms. Take the Middle East. Somalia. Texas. Bangkok. The history of Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba. North Korea (ok, never mind North Korea).

There really ought to be a study. Does constant exposure to the sun’s rays fry the part of the brain which processes economics? In West Kingston’s case, the GNP of drug trafficking likely exceeds that of tourism. Still, putting an entire country’s number one employment in jeopardy to catch a bad guy seems a bit of a miscalculation. Not that he doesn’t deserve to be caught. Anyone who refers to themselves as a soft drink is off my list. 

If you’re thinking it sounds like a half cocked theory — I have personally found that my own better judgment can be compromised after a day on hot sand. Though I normally eschew pistols, a long barrel with a smooth projectile and a slow gauge can be quite appealing under certain conditions. And in the right hands. Think about it.

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