Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

You're Crowding My Space

As if we don’t have enough hurdles to deal with, Pumpkins. Come winter, Americans can bar your client from flying to Mexico. Or Jamaica. Or Barbados. Or anywhere south of the States.

The air above America is American and it belongs to them. (Honestly, no one wants to take it away from you guys. They really are a touchy lot.) And if they don’t want someone in their space – even if that person is sitting in a plane hurtling through it – they can’t be there – up in the air, that is. Apparently, they’re planning a “No Trespassing” sign somewhere over Michigan.

This latest safety fabrication is called the ‘Secure Flight’ rule. It’s supposed to stop a mad bomber from taking over a sun charter or something and flying it into the States. As our privacy watchdog, Chantal Bernier, observed, “Geography really works against us here.” Damn it. It’s always something.

What about some kind of trans-polar Pacific detour routing? Maybe that’s what Robbie’s working on.

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