Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

I've Got A Harmonized Tax I'd Like To Charge

Here I was bemoaning the HST fate of all the Pumpkins out there who won’t have a clue come Saturday how to calculate the percentage of the taxable fee on a YYZ-YYC / YVR-YYZ open jaw that begins June 21th and ends July 13th only to hear the wise words: who cares?

Say I miss charging $1.50 on the fraction of travel which takes place in July. So sue me. Getting some Einsteinian bean counter to calculate the right amount would cost one hundred times that. You see my point. During this May/June adjustment phase, I’m not going to get my own knickers in a knot.

Speaking of which, I’ve got an adjustment I’d like to make on the inspired bureaucrat who came up with this intermezzo system.  They couldn’t just leave it all for July 1 like the rest of the world? Like the government will somehow be swindled out of their pound of flesh if an Ontario person sits in a plane on July 2, but bought the ticket May 13th. Puh-lease. The paper work and auditing and accounting – never mind all the extra calendars and calculators everyone needs – are the rip off. Very harmonious.

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