Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Call Me Fowl Mouthed

Apparently, dahrlings, Travel 3.0 (or, as I like to say, Three Point, Oh!) has arrived. Nobody’s coined the term yet, but, trust me, it’s coming. Forrester Research says – you can pretty much say anything if you call yourself that – the next online growth spurt is coming from consumers planning and researching travel, not from booking online.

Bet that pair of “chicks†(and I use the term kindly) are onto this trend. At least the dinkettes over here have the decency not to refer to themselves as “babesâ€. There comes a time when every chicken must accept she’s a hen. I know, it’s plucky advice. Anyhoo, bet those two online travel marketing gizmos are right onto this big revelation. Seminars are coming.

Remember, the Forrester folks are the ones who, ten years ago, said the web will make travel agents extinct. However, this time I choose to believe them. Web bookings are leveling off in favour of personal travel agent transactions. But, travel surfing time is increasing. What does that mean to those of us who embrace the online race? I’m thinking Tweeting isn’t the answer this time. My guess would be to stock up on soft content like pictures and videos and reviews. Just a guess. We’ll have to wait for the seminar.

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