Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Zee Planes! Zee Planes!

There! Hear it? The sound of the other stiletto falling. Here I was, worried all weekend about how Sunquest was going to lift itself up next winter – and bingo! My inbox tinkled with the jazzy news at 8:45 am Easter Monday. For those of you who were dismissing the Riu-duced operator, apparently they were only playing dead, Pumpkins.

Eleven Thomas Cook B-757’s will be dressed up in blue livery (Yeesh. Here I must interject, dahrlings. An organ meat motif is just a bad idea, people. I know times are tough, but a little effort on the design front never hurts). The planes will be operated by Jazz who’s going to be hiring crews just as soon as the whole ticket gets approved by the feds.

No word yet on how Air Canada Vacations feels about the deal. Personally, I wouldn’t take kindly to my chauffeur driving the neighbour’s wife down south. My gardener trimming her lawn. My tennis pro whacking her balls. You get the picture. (Actually, if you did get any – please forward them.)

Now, where does all this leave Robbie ‘all jazzed up and nowhere to go’ Goldberg?

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