Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Time To Get Crackin'

All indicators are pointing to “goâ€, Pumpkins. Stores are busy, interest rates and heels are rising, Gregg Saretsky’s talkin’ Delta partnership — all signs the economy is picking up speed. And so should you.

I know there are plenty of you out there already shaking every bush for a hidden traveller. Those eager beavers who can turn a profit during wars and plagues and rat infestations. (It’s probably all the brilliant ones who read me twice a week.) But there are others who like to blame the “system†for their failings. (Commissions, suppliers, unfair competition, bad reps, bad coffee … give it a rest.)

Now, I’m not saying I don’t like to point the finger now and again. OK, perhaps I point more than most. But I have found other creative ways of making money (you don’t think I rely on travel to look like this?). In any case, dahrlings, system or no system, now’s the time to get busy. Consumers are reaching into their pockets – so you’d better line up with your specialties, interesting tours, unique experiences, extra customer service, CRM, post travel follow-up, post-coital gifts …. because if you think you can make a living on ITC alone, you may want to find a couple of rich husbands.

Oh, yes, I did mention “Delta†partnership for WestJet. Seems Southwest isn’t ready to receive their Canadian brother in air, so WestJet’s moved on. It’s the only way, dahrlings. Keep moving.

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