Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Is Gregg Saretsky Overexposed?

Durfy hasn’t even left the building, Pumpkins, and Gregg is stampeding the media like a hungry bull at a flapjack breakfast. Show a little restraint, there fella. At least wait till the job is yours.

For the last two weeks, Gabbalot Gregg  (no relation) has made headlines every single day. Looks like the only person who can push him off the front page is Ann Coulter (who just happened to speak in Calgary yesterday. Coincidence?) Now, there’s a piece of work for you. That was no strip mall surgeon who did her face, I can tell you that. That is, by far, the best looking hate monger mug the U.S. has produced. I mean Palin’s cute and all, but ninnycakes doesn’t count in the real business of hate.

Point is, Gregg, we all want to be media dahrlings. But you have to know when to move in and out of the limelight. Getting overexposed so early in the game can backfire. Take me, for example. Early on in my game, I exposed myself wherever I could. And look where that got me.

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