Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Transat Bums Out Passenger

It’s the old story, Pumpkins: a man notices something amiss with his genitalia mid-flight and insists a flight attendant examine it. Like we haven’t seen that one before! Nice try, M. Cote.

Passengers can be so demanding. The PVR-YUL pax noticed a bit of blood on his testes and, naturally, asked the Air Transat flight attendant to scan his scrotum for … well … we’re not sure for what exactly, but apparently he felt Transat crew is well qualified in this area. They politely declined, so he sued them. What a load of bullocks. The judge weighed up the matter and found the case didn’t hold up. Personally, I think the guy’s nuts. They serve them, not appraise them, eh buddy!

My first husband hated it when I ignored his ‘boys’. I suppose it’s a guy thing. I’ve never really thought of asking a flight attendant to explore my own assets. I tend to leave that in the hands of the pilot. Call me sexist – but I’m not the one who invented “cockpitâ€.

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