Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Where Are All The Agents Coming From?

Chains and consortia are collecting more agencies than Tiger Woods’ has cocktail waitresses. [And BTW, he’s holding a private little conference today for select press at a Florida golf club to ‘apologize’. Did he have sex with them too?]

There are agency growth announcements almost daily: V.Com added 60 new agencies last year; Ensemble was up to record numbers this fall; Uniglobe acquired large corporate agencies; Atrium or Vasco Gamma or whatever (just decide on a name and stick with it already) is growing; Travelsavers has big plans; and on and on.

I’ve never been great at math, Pumpkins, but somewhere in all the numbers, 2 plus 2 is beginning to look like 44. With all the culling over the past decade, there are only so many of you left. There’s only one explanation for everyone’s ‘growth’: there’s a bunch of marauding serial consortium hopping agents out there. One day here, the next day there. People, you’ve got to pick one and stick to it! You can’t go jumping from one bed to another like a philandering golf pro.

Boy, do we ever need fresh blood.

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