Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

I’m Feeling Very Olympian

Ooooh. Isn’t it thrilling! I never took us meek Canadians as the aggressive types – but boy, are we flexing our alpha muscle now. Lack of use my have left it a little limp, but make no mistake, the theme for the opening ceremonies sent a clear message to the world: although we have no snow, do not muck with us.

How many erections were there? Giant totem poles, enormous sequoias, colossal icicles rising from the ground. These Olympics are just one huge hard on.

I wonder how the rest of the world is receiving our long-overdue attitude adjustment. Some nations are touchy about having their Olympian member dominance put in question. To them I say: PPTHHPPPPT!

So, people, take a memo! If our national pride can find the strength to bone up its spirits thusly, we of travel consulting and selling can do it. Rise up, Pumpkins! Let us join together in erecting ourselves a sea of giant brochure racks. We’ll call them Travel Poles. And then sit back and watch suppliers fall to their knees before them. I am so pumped.

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