Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

I Have One Word For You: Plastic

A shiny new credit card used to mean something, eh Pumpkins? Priceless. Don’t leave home without it. My life. My card. My foot. Seems those embossed beacons of consummate consumerism may defeat our entire industry. Oops.

One wonders how anything which promises unlimited shopping could possibly be a bad thing. But from what I can tell, processing plastic is the single biggest preoccupation of the entire industry since well before Conquest keeled over. The U.K.’s E-Clear owes Sunwing somewhere in the vicinity of 50 to 70 million dollars. Yes, million. It’s been an ongoing dispute since last spring. The bummer part is that now E-Clear is bankrupt. No money left. Empty coffers. So they can’t return the money they processed for Sunwing or for FlyGlobespan – which likely pushed their demise.

Even when they don’t steal your millions, the processing companies hold us ransom for millions just to operate. Apparently travel is a risky business.

If CATO, TICO and Frodo get their wish, the answer to the age old question “Will That Be Cash Or Chargex?†will be ‘cash’. But somehow I don’t see it, precious.

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