Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

In The Nick Of Time

A collective sigh of relief was heard from the west end of Toronto yesterday, Pumpkins. Yes, after a prolonged and arduous courtship, the Signature-Sunwing union was finally consummated. I’ve asked for proof, but no one is willing to produce the stained sheets. So now what? If you think about it, Pumpkins, merging the names really does save on letters. Cross out all the ones they share, and Sunwing is left with a “Wâ€. Very efficient use of the alphabet. And very mod. Bet they’ll save a bundle on ink costs.

No word on what else will change. But the boys in the back room must be itching to get cracking on their plan. Nothing worse than sitting on a perfectly good one. Then there’s Skyservice. They still have that 5 year contract with Signature, or should I say, with “Wâ€. But if it’s a different name, does that still count? So many questions, so few letters.

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