Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

There's Nothing Like A Good Stuffing

I have to say, Pumpkins, I’m with the PM on this one. When things got really tough in my family, the one and only course of action was always to make pierogi. We called it “pierogingâ€. The solutions you come up with when sitting around a kitchen table squeezing the edges of someone’s dumpling are amazing. Calms things right down. I’m thoroughly impressed with Harper’s ability to embrace problem solving methods from various ethnic backgrounds. Good on ya, Stevie.

I wish I could watch as all of Parliament stuffs dough packets for the next two months. And think of all the Canadians they can feed every time they do this! They’ll come out of this pieroging session better people, I can tell you that.

I love the way things are going. Good old fashioned values. The feds in a group dumpling session. Airlines banning nuts. (Sunwing did a bang up job on that front. I don’t care if the Ninny Niners were just asking stupid questions or not. If you’re going to probe into an airline’s security measures, you can expect your holiday to get prorogued.)

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