Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Nuts To You

Well it’s about time!

Finally, we get a security advisory that makes sense. By golly, Pumpkins, why didn’t someone think of just keeping the nuts off planes before? It’s so simple really. That’s the beauty of all great ideas. With the crazies banned from planes, the rest of us are free!

Just think, we can carry our imported bottled water onto planes again! Nail files. Hair spray. All the essentials. Bet they won’t even bat an eye at my 150 ml vodka flask. So much for body scanners and metal detectors. What a lot of nonsense, honestly. Takes us practical Canadians to come up with a solution that works. Just ban the buggers.

I bet WestJet is feeling a little bit sheepish today, eh Sean? Somebody was asleep at the wheel when they let Air Canada get first crack at the biggest thing in travel since jets. Never mind, dahrling, you can’t win them all.

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