Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Is It 2010 Yet?

Yeesh. I’ve had better years, Pumpkins. In fact, I’ve had better decades. Come to think of it, the previous half century had a lot going for it compared to 2009. I suppose closing out the year with a bungled crotch bombing is a fitting ending for a real bummer of a year.

Apparently the U.S. TSA is so freaked, they’re getting all McCarthyist about the ‘incident’. Even writing about this stuff can get you into trouble. Other less famous travel bloggers than I have had their hard drives confiscated. Good lord! My drive isn’t even particularly firm anymore. Christopher Elliott has been threatened with jail unless he reveals his secret sources. The TSA can’t understand how he got hold of its security directive after it had been sent to thousands of airports and airlines around the world. You know the directive – the one where they are instructed to make our passengers’ lives go from just painfully irritating to inhumanely tortuous. The stuff that travel dreams are made of.

On a last note of the year, dear Pumpkins, lest we get overly self-absorbed and all droopsie about our minor inconveniences – let’s take a minute to remember the families of our 4 soldiers and Calgary Herald journalist killed in Afghanistan yesterday.

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