Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

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December 22, 2009
Excuse me, dahrlings, but…

Oh Just Shut Up

I’m developing a PR phobia. My e-mail now sounds an alarm instead of a little ping when one of those demanding little parcels plunks its self-absorbed self into my inbox. Press releases are so vain. Let’s talk about me for a change! (All the really juicy stuff doesn’t come with a cutesy subject line anyway. It’s usually a boozy bit of gossip slipped into my ear when I least expect it.)

There was that ballsy release from Robbie’s one–man printing press about an idea for a direct-to-consumer venture. It moved the hallowed Financial Post into a deep head-scratching analysis over repercussions of his using Jazz aircraft. Apparently there is no agreement with Jazz. There may have been light conversation – but nothing to scat about.

The worst possible insult is when your fabulous idea – molded into a mildly ecstatic release – is ignored. Those are the times when I would ask myself: did I use too many adjectives?

What we really need are hourly press releases about Moi! I’m endlessly fascinating. Always have an idea or two about stuff. No false pretense over here – unless you count the slight augmentation and some general lifting (mostly around the eyes) – and I’m not selling anything you need to know about!

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