Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

You're Worth It

I have so many issues to touch on today, Pumpkins, where to begin? There was that flurry of activity around the pending S/S merger. My, my, keyboards were on fire. My little blog was weighed down by an emotional avalanche. I’m still recovering.

Then the BA strike hit the fan. Apparently it’s affecting the Brits quite severely. Especially the local British Consulate General who – according to one of our travel trade newsletters – has gone daft over it. And you think you have problems.

The worst part is the muddle the strike is causing over code shares. Nobody has any answers for all the pax stuck in the code share gap. The poop’s going to fly on this one.

Last, but not least, I need to remind you, dear Pumpkins, at this moving time of year, that you are worth a great deal. $944 billion, to be exact. Which is really nothing to sneeze into your armpit about. Travel and tourism accounts for 9.3% of the global GDP. We operate a major industry. Entire countries would collapse without the folks we send them. Unless a couple of them merge or something. But that’s another story.

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