Excuse me, dahrlings, but...


Pumpkins, I received this note from TICO’s Michael Pepper today:

I am disappointed that the press choose to give fanfare to a new venture by Hugh Boyle, whose last venture with Zoom failed miserably at the expense of the consumer and at the same time dragging down the industry. TICO also paid over $28,000 in claims from its TICO Compensation Fund, which is financed by the travel agents and travel wholesalers of Ontario and to which Zoom contributed absolutely zero. I will be writing to the federal Transport Minister to lodge my objections and ask that previous failures be taken into account before new licences are issued.

Well, Pumpkins, the dog does bite. Ruff. Ruff.

Michael the bulldog Pepper isn’t going to be muzzled while Hughy gets a bone. rrrr. And he’s right. The media feed off news of cheap travel – but one sniff of a problem, and they attack, blaming the industry for being too doggone lazy to control its strays. I’d say some travel training is in order.

Consumers need to be housebroken from gambling with their holidays. It’s the only product where ‘cheap’ is considered an asset. Do men buy sports cars that are cheap? Do they marry women if they’re ‘cheap’? Do you ever hear: “Whew! Cheap suit. Nice.†or “Love the hair, Sheila. Lookin’ cheeaap!†With travel, cheap is a badge of honour. And so Boyles get bred when they oughtta be neutered.

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