Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Rocking The Boat

The conversation goes like this: “Ivanna, you must go on Oasis, dahrling! It’s incredible. You won’t even know you’re on a ship!†Even the VP Sales of RCI says so. I never know what to say when confronted with such peculiar information. Pumpkins, help me out here: why would I pay thousands of dollars to cruise in order to not know I’m on a ship. How exactly is this a selling feature?

Today, Azamara announces a “transformation†to Club Cruises because they uncovered a key piece of market intellingence: cruisers don’t like to travel. So the ships will cater especially to people who aren’t travellers. No word on whether or not they like to cruise. (those go on Oasis)

Pretty soon we’ll be putting up condos near the docks and calling them a new era in cruising: Stationary Cruises – for those who don’t like to travel and don’t like to be on a ship and really aren’t crazy about the whole water thing. Isn’t that what Vegas is for?

Travel For Change

Dear Pumpkins,

On another note, I am taking it upon myself to set our Prime Minister straight on climate change.  Apparently he is causing no end of embarrassment to our country over there in Copenhagen. He is the only one taking a hard line against climate change. The petroleum companies have convinced him there is no problem. And they can be very convincing.

Personally, I’d like to keep our winters. It’s the only thing that gets half of Canada out of here.

Reach out to your MP and let them know Harper is not representing your views.  You can find your local MP by entering your postal code at this at this website. Be civil.

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