Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Vive La Difference

Both TUI & TCook have announced ‘pleasing’ results. I looked at them in hope of experiencing pleasure – which I do enjoy – and did feel a little tingly sensation at one point, but I think that was just disorientation. You really have to be an accountant to get off on numbers. And these are nothing to brag about.

But it got me to thinking that our fate lies in the hands of four food groups: transat, tui, tcook and ace – with a side portion of WSV. Each is vacuuming the same Canadians off to the same sun – and much of the staff have worn each other’s hats at one time or another. Not exactly a raging competitive environment.

We need a little differentiation around here. Mix it up a little.  Try some different moves. A little upscale, a little downscale, some mid-market – now that’s pleasing.

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