Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

How Bad Is It?

Depends who you ask. I’m being fed all the lines: All hunky-dory over here! A tad challenging. Better than expected. Can’t complain. Totally stinky. And, of course, ‘come here often’? (Never mind.)

You are a cagy lot, Pumpkins.

Those that profess to tell the “truth†tell me the hemorrhaging is so bad, the Twilight series is filming a “Travel†special and the Red Cross is planning a fund raiser. 

Point is, no one will tell you it’s bad, ‘cause that would make it worse. So we talk in code. It’s like no matter what was wrong with my second husband, he insisted I tell his mother it was “indigestionâ€. Over ten years and two heart attacks, my mother-in-law kept running over with prunes. I’m willing to cook prunes if it will help – but apparently the only thing which can save our bottom line this winter is flushing some capacity.

So, how bad is it?

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