Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Let's Talk About The B Word

Someone has to. It’s out there. Oodles upon oodles of palm greasing gifts and points and money and coupons and trips and gas and babies are dangled before you every day. Fat millions are spent on not only the goods, but inducing loyalty, administering systems, managing databases, buying and delivering things, staying in touch, creating hoopla … And you thought you were in the travel business!

Pumpkins, we are in the bribery business. All of us are either on the receiving or giving end. Personally, I enjoy both. But I have to ask myself what’s feeding this bulging growth that’s attached itself to our business? Back in the old country, if the system didn’t work, you created a little side system to do business. Some people called it the black market. We called it free economy. Point is, does our system not work? You know, the one where agents are remunerated for their labour. And who isn’t it working for?

These are all big questions, dahrlings – any big answers?

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