Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

What’s The Plan

I am very excited about all the excitement, Pumpkins. Travel is united in a thunderous tsk against hidden commissionables. And I, for one, applaud it. Who says we can’t work together?

Although there really is nothing like a good old fashioned finger-wagging to shame folks (no doubt the suppliers are losing sleep over this one), I’m thinking we also need a plan. One of those fail safe ‘let’s put on a show’ kind of inspirational things where everyone pulls together and saves the farm. The operators won’t know what hit them.

Or, as my cousin Tony used to say, we could always send in the flat nose boys. Those guys don’t stand for money skimming. It’s bad business.

Speaking of plans … this just in: the U.S. says abstaining from Cuba has not had the intended impact of teaching Castro a lesson. (ya think?) Apparently it’s time to send the Americans! This way the Cuban people can witness democratic citizens in the flesh. So like, what are we? Chopped democratic liver? The Cubans must be beside themselves about the prospect of truth and freedom arriving on their shores.

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